Birthdays and Russians 

yesterday I was not in great spirits. My new apartment unlike my old has heat, lots of heat, dry killing my sinus kind of heat. I struggled through work and had made plans to get coffee with a swinger/bdsm girl near me.

I really just wanted to crawl into bed and die, but with Sirs encouragement i rallied and got out of the house. We had a nice chat and she’s sweet and shy, but we seemed to get along. Her Dom lives in Boston and is moving to NYC in December, so she’s excited and nervous.

Then it was off to the city for fet girls birthday. I wished I felt better or could take today off. She picked one of the few original speakeasys for her party. I though ugh monday, it will be dead. Nope, wrong. It was packed and they had a live band that had played at the Jazz age lawn party. 

Her Dom was in good spirits and filled me in on the shenanigans I missed when I left Saturday’s party. His girl is now trying her hand at suspension and was even allowed a riggers spot. He said you shouldn’t have left so early…..I said early, really. I got home at almost 5. He thought I left at midnight, no, try 3:30. I swear these parties are like casinos, you loose all sense of time.

He also said he talked to Sir and told him of my disrespectful talk of Doms. Lol, he didn’t know I already told Sir I was goading him for a spanking. I like pushing his buttons because he gives a very satisfing bare handed spanking, even when I can’t cum.

We had lots of laughs and I did a quick 3 minutes retro hairdo for the birthday girl.

The female brizalian was there with “new guy”. Something about him rubbed me the wrong way. It was like he had nothing good to say about anyone. He kinda bashed the New York fetish community and most everyone I know in it.

Who knows maybe it’s me being over protective of her or its that he’s much more of a swinger and a bit pompous. She said she was looking for someone more sensual and she really didn’t like the hard impact play, so maybe I’m wrong.

Funny at one point he was talking ill of bg, yes she can be full of drama, I get that. He doesn’t realize that he kind of lead her on. She thought he was going to be her guide and protector into the swingers world. Then he said something about most girls in the fetish scene being bat shit crazy. I said no that’s just most girls in general. His retort, well I’ve dated some that were really prices of work. Mine, yeah buddy so have I!!! And I laughed, then she laughed and my smart ass comment broke the ice and after that he conceded there’s drama in all walks of life.

So I’m happy that she looked happy and maybe he’s just an ass, because sometimes I am when I’m protecting my friends.

I only stayed a bit and was tucked in my Sir at midnight.

It was a nice monday out and I look forward to many more mondays sipping drinks out of teacups by the fireplace.

Side note: the female b thought she was going to a fetish party. She had a beautiful black lace dress, very retro, but only a skimpy pair of undies underneath. She was embarrassed but wet at the same time, being in such a crowded vanilla place dressed like that. I told her she was beautiful and honestly unless she mentioned it, you didn’t notice the lack of a slip plus she has an amazing body and if anyone did look close enough the last thing they would do is complain! 

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