Walking in a fog

yesterday was surreal.

First a baby shower. Good friends and super happy. I was asked by about 5 people, Sir included if I was ok with it. It never dawned on me not to be. I think it was because of the “who” that is pregnant.

Out of all of my friends, I know she will make a great mom. She’s just crazy, yet responsible enough and has the biggest heart. So I had not one weepy moment or …. Instance of resentment towards her or being there to celebrate with her.

Then over to see the wife. She greeted me at the door, so small and fragile. 

At the shower I remember a picture being taken and I said god I’m little. Am I really that short.

The wife hugged me and I held her for a good 5 minutes before any words of hello were said. I went from the shower feeling like a midget to being a giant with this small frail woman in my arms.

I remember “she” had told Sir about the great joy I had in aftercare and how motherly my domme side was. This was one of those instances. No play involved, but seeing her in such a venerable state, made me go straight into caretaker mode.

Her house was full, all artistic people all drinking and mourning her husband. At no time did we leave her unconnected physically. Fet girl was there she was the main source of comfort. Her and her Dom had been there since Thursday and had tickets to the theater and were shooed out the door to go. She told me when she left to take care of her. She said something like …. They can’t the way we can, all three of us being submissives, trapped in a room of vanillas. 

In any other curcumstance they would have thought our need to cuddle and hold hands to be ….odd and off putting, but in this time of sadness, no one thought twice. 

Funny I was asked over and over how I knew her. It never dawned on me to need to ….. Come up with a story. The truth something no one there would be able to process, so I said “through FG” and ended it at that.

N came and picked me up about three hours later. She had invited me over to dinner with her big crazy clan. I was so happy for the recuse, but told the wife if she needed I’d come right back. She was at the point she just wanted everyone to leave to spend time with her mom and kids. I fully understood and thought if it was me I’d have kicked everyone out days ago.

So into the car the first thing n says is so of my kids start to question you… And simple back story. Lol, her kids were very respectful but I was glad to have the agreed answer as to how we met!

N is from a different couture, religion and world than what I grew up in, but her devotion to her children is admirable. I met her husband, a gruff, cold man that the kids jokingly refer to as her husband. They weren’t little kids as in the prior house, but small people. They ranged from middle school to 21. Each so different, so full of personality and the middle child, who was a the baby for many years until the others came along was a real jokester and the ladies man. He kept the dinner conversation lite and fun, I was grateful for that.

We all ate, she cooked an amazing amount of food that was almost all gone by the time the kids and husband left the kitchen. 

We talked about work and travel and before you knew it her older son that said he’d be back by 1am came in, only a half an hour late. Through out the day I chatted with Sir to let him know how things were going. 

Home and so drained by 2. Sir said what a crazy city girl staying out so late. More like a tired girl that smushed 3 days into one.

Up early for the guy to come and do repairs on the apartment, then…. Christmas shopping with my mother. I’m just hoping to stay awake and that she doesn’t start pressing my buttons.

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