No hands…

For many weeks now (ugh more like months), I’ve been unable to cum through normal means.

Sir had a long long (almost a year 😉 ago said he could get me to cum just by saying to. Yup, right I thought. We will see about that.

The first time I had edged and was nothing but cunt brain, deep in subspace and sir said cum, I did, quit publicly, strapped onto the chair prior to my ride on the machine. I could have sworn that it was in me, but nope.

See I could rationalize that since I was in some form of bondage, to me I still didn’t think it was the command, since the situation had already had my body ready.

Since then I’ve cum many many times just because sir says too. He gets my mind to the right place that with one kegel….I am cuming. 

Tonight in from a long day, puppies walk groceries away. I go into my room clothes off, clovers on and kneel. I edged 10 times drinking in the pain. I called Sir all nice and floaty. I think he said something about my clit…. Blur, then time to ice my nipples. He said put the ice on my clit and I was a little afraid since the last time it was not pleasurable. This time it was. 

Bent over the slave station sir says to cum, no hands, toys or ice and the flood gates opened. I came 8 times, leaving a mess to clean up.

I ran late for yoga, but it was worth it. 

Funny side note….. This was only my 3rd class back and the first time to my monday class in a couple of months. I hit subspace twice, I’m guessing because I still wasn’t all the way back. That and it is a very repetitive class with a core of meditation practices.

Calm and still have much to do….

7 thoughts on “No hands…”

  1. I can’t help myself and you know it. Is this the part where you smile and say “Look ma, no hands?” Lol!! Oh I’m so sorry!!! I couldn’t help it!! I’m happy for you though 😊

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