Happy 52nd tuesday

lol, it’s one year tomorrow, but kind of one year today too.

For now I’m just losing and listing….too much to do and only one day to do it all.

My how time flies.

I spoke with bf and told her of our loss, like me she hesitantly voiced concerns over new man. He’s very insecure and that is why he comes across as being pompus.

The. I spoke to a girl that had messages a few times. I felt bad that  she expressed a lack of real profiles, so I reached out just in a way to show not everyone in this life is fake. She’s not my type, but I’m ok with adding another kinky friend to the group.

Time to prep for a meeting. Then run around like a lunatic until yoga.

Oh btw…. The picture is my new goal, lol not the almost naked in a restaurant, but the body type. In the past im really good at getting super skinny, but I want more of a woman’s body. I want to just get everything into the right places and embrase my body again.

One thought on “Happy 52nd tuesday”

  1. I dare say go for the shock and awe of the almost nude in the restaurant. The last two days I’ve worn leggings and sloppy ass looking tops, however it is a cute mix up, and everyone is like “aaaawwww, you look so cute. And you looked really cute yesterday too.” Apparently, slouchy for me is cute 😋

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