Lessons in time

one year…..

The biggest lesson I’ve learned this year is that not everyone is going to let me down.

Sounds simple, right?

Wrong, so so wrong. The word everyone …..means just that, Me included. 

By learning to trust Sir, I accidentally started to learn how to trust myself.

Now I’m not saying I’ve become secure in who I am, not by a long shot, I’m still figuring out just “who” that is.

There have been so many highs and lows and through them all I could always count on Sir. He never told me the things I wanted to hear, but he said the things I needed to hear. He has been my constant support.

Over the past weekend so many people have commented on how good of a person he is. I’m lucky, I don’t always act it, but, sir I know that I am.

It’s taking me days to write this. I want it to be something special for you to read, but I think the fact that we will sleep in each other’s arms on our happy one year anniversay will be much more special than any dribble I can write.

5 thoughts on “Lessons in time”

  1. “By learning to trust Sir I accidentally learned how to trust myself”. I am really thinking about that sentence: it is very strong. I went through, am still going through, not trusting my own thoughts and perceptions of reality due to ptsd. Yes! By trusting Sir I accidentally am learning to trust my own choices and perceptions. (By learning to trust).
    Great post.

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