a time to be thankful.

For a warm house.

A kind man to cuddle with.

A loving friend, who is so sad, but took the effort to bring joy to others.

For my city and all of its beauty.

Last night we saw the balloons all tied up in their bondage. Not allowed to fly until today. So it only makes sense to go back and see them in all of their glory.

I do things I never would have before with Sir, and I mean the not kinky stuff. The second parade we went to and didn’t get crushed in the crowd. It was a perfect and beautiful day.

It was bittersweet to leave Sir and head to my family, but he looked so happy back in his city with his camera. So I know he’s capturing beautiful images as I sit here waiting for the boat. I am treating myself to one ferry beer, a tradition that tourists just don’t understand.

You can scan the terminal and spot those who left the island and are returning for holiday dinner, just by the beer with the straw in it!

There were lots of good moments in the past day. 

My little dogs face when he saw his foodman

Sir capturing my reluctant tourist face(many times)

Sharing good food

Sleeping soundly together

Him waking up without much of a problem (that’s how I know he really wanted to go)

The children smiling even though they miss their dad

The promise to be there for a friend and her looking at me, knowing I mean it.

So I’m lucky …. I have many things to be thankful for.

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