The day after

this is the first Black Friday I have not participated in the madness.

It’s not because I’m any richer than I was last year, more like the exact opposite. That and I’m working. Lol, from the comfort of my couch with Sir sleeping soundly inside.

Last night I got home around 9, with a plate in hand, but like me he really doesn’t like thanksgiving food. In the fridge it went. I was exhausted and knew I’d have to be up early to at least answer some emails. Sir doesn’t understand morning people or why I want to start going to the gym again before work. He is a perpetual night owl. 

I used to be, but I have too much to loose if I can’t perform at a very high level at work. It’s not a job you can do sleepy, I’ve had those before, but not now.

So sorry sir, but thirsty Thursday’s are reserved for weeks I have friday off.

Truth is I’ve never been as independant as I am now. I always had someone to fall back on, my family, a roommate, a man I lived with or could at a moments notice. Or even way back when ….. I had a nest egg that could get me through a year of unemployment. Now I can survive about a week. That’s scary and I always need to keep that in the forefront of my mind.

It not a bad thing, but a reality.

Sir and I did have some fun last night. The easiest way to keep me from going to bed is to make me cum. So as I kissed him good night he grabbed my nipples and hips and sleep was no longer important, but the flogger on my ass and his cock in my mouth was.

Poor Sir, he cums and gets a burst of energy and I go right to sleep. So at midnight he returned to editing the parade photos and I went to bed.

Today is work and little R and I may try our hands at baking an apple pie. I bake lots of things, but since I don’t like pie, it’s not on my list of things to normal make for the holidays. I’m hopeing some spiked cider will get me in the proper mood.

Then maybe a trip to hipsterville. Ugh, I must say I’m really not fond of this hipster generation. Yesterday I saw 4 men in mc hammer pants with backpacks and beards. All I think is “are you a subby man injecting his balls” that you need that much crotch space? Plus they were not young. Trends like this should be for twenty something’s not almost 40 year olds.


But sadly as I’ve been told before I’ll blend in, not a hipster my any means but I do love a soft knitted hat and homemade scarf. The difference I don’t spend hundreds on them. Hat 2.98, thank you Amazon direct from China and scarf, knitted with my own hands.

Lol, well that blog took a real sidways path.

Time to focus again…….

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