As per a special request by my crazy (and I mean that in the best possible way) blog friend…..I present the story of the day I went blind from ole smokey moonshine.

I have a group of vanillaish friends that are known as the brunch bunch. One guy and three girls. Every month we would come up with a theme and have an epic Saturday brunch. One of the girls is currently pregnant, so our brunches are on pause until February.

So it was her turn, the host picks the theme. Hers was country brunch. 2 of the 4 (me included) agreed on the food and then threatened to wear earplugs because of the music. 

My job as always, come up with the signature cocktail and supply it in bulk, no less than a gallon.

Since we are in nyc I went with a fancy moonshine punch I had at a bar in the financial district long ago. Ole smokey moonshine, saint Germaine and pink lemonade. Easy to make by the gallon. 

There was food for days, fried chicken, pulled pork, cornbread etc…. So we were in full swing, playing games and talking shit, when the boy looked at me and said “what’s wrong with your eye?”

I said omg, I can’t see!!! Everyone laughed and then the hostess got me a pair of sunglasses and a beer and declared no more moonshine for you.

Yup that’s the way to fix blindness, they made me Stevie wonder and in a couple of hours my eyesight cleared. 

I can honestly say, since that day, I have not drank an ounce of moonshine!!!

5 thoughts on “Moonshine”

  1. BWWAAAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! Girl!!! Those Ole Smokey jugs look so good!!!! That cherry shine!!! YUM!!!! Cmon to the South, I’ll take care of ya!!! XOXOXO!!!

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  2. Oh and what, may I ask, was wrong with the music? Who was playing, might I inquire? Clearly this was a country brunch and I ask where is the rabbit, squirrel and gravy?? Lol!!! Seriously, though, what music, band was playing as earplugs was required.

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