Busy monday

just getting a second to breathe.

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. Sir wanted to talk about my mood the prior evening, but it had passed. Funny that things that seem so big can just dissapear.

It’s not that I’m feeling better (all the way), but getting my butt up and to the gym helped. I had set my resolve at the beginning of class to learn to love myself.

I swear my yoga teacher reads my mind. Her closing was about loving and letting go of hatred. I did almost the whole class, sitting out the plank series since I can’t do any hard ab work for another couple of weeks. 

After class I took a nice long walk around, picked up breakfast for sir and I and window shopped a bit.

We had a nice dinner and I made Sir some desert. Then cuddles on the couch and to bed early.

This is Sirs last night for this trip and it will be weird not sleeping with him.

My one thing that will get me through is as soon as he leaves I go into full holiday mood. Cleaning, laundry, decorating, gift wrapping. I just ordered the last present online. Lots of lists to make.

Depending on my money situation, I may take a day and go into the city to get a new outfit (party worthy) for his next visit, so that I’m not freaking out over my lack of wardrobe. 

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