Home alone

its always so odd coming home the night Sir is gone. My littlest dog was waiting for him, looking for his foodman.

Sir asked last night why I didn’t tell him she was in town for the holiday. I told him it was a non event. The more I think of it, I just wanted to ignore it. I wanted the easy way out. I’ve been dealing with so much hard stuff I didn’t want that layer being on top of his visit. Plus we are not at the point and he’ll we may never be to just meet for a drink like friends would.

So I guess Sir that’s the whole answer.

I’m very glad that you care about my emotions sir. So many couples around us are in such misery. I’m really working on knowing my thoughts and feeling better so I don’t give you the short answers as I know you like quality responses.

Work has been nuts and the blogs have been short, but that’s also in part because you were here with me. I didn’t need to express myself in this way because I could sit down and talk with you instead.

Kink as a Healing Force

Repost from Spanish red……it is too perfect not to share.

D/s creates more intimacy than I’ve ever found in vanilla relationships. It requires me to lay my entire soul bare. It requires me to be at my most instinctive. It requires me to reveal everything about myself because that’s the only way trust can be built, and power exchange demands gut-wrenching trust from both sides […]

Last night

lits of drama revealed with the brazillians.

I feel so bad for her.

It’s not my story or issues to write about, but I will say that in the past listening to her story I would have started overthinking and going to a bad headspace. 

I didn’t, I gave advise when asked. Told a story or two so she’s knows she’s not alone in her feelings and just mostly listened. 

It made me greatful for the relationship Sir and I have. He doesn’t ever use emotional blackmail with me and I appreciate that.

I don’t have much time to write today as always work is calling, meetings and things that must be done. 

Hello monday

this weekend was too short.

My uterus hurts again and I now fear cumming. Lol, well not fear, but I need to learn moderation.

Sir and I had VIP to the Halloween parade and it was great to not get jumbled into the crowds. It was the first time me I just watched it and next year I’ll go back to marching.

After that we met up with the brazillians. The first party was a bust. Maybe 20 people there. It was good that he got to see the space. Sir knew I was suffering much stress and allowed me a nice spanking.

We left and headed to the second party to meet up with fet girl and bg. Much ….. More of a crowd, not better, but lively. I started to hurt, so no playing but lots of socializing. Sir and I had little time for food and after drinking with a russian guy, he was very tipsy. I being on Meds still was horribly sober. 

All of a sudden the male b comes over and says we are going…..drama and such in their relationship. I like to stay out of that. Sir likes to problem solve, guess that’s just another difference between a Dom and a sub.

We took the long journey home and even with the extra hour I didn’t get to sleep until after 6am. Four hours later I was up to check on the dog. By 4pm I thought it was midnight!

Now work then back to the vets again.