Bye Sir

lol, sorry I blinded you this morning, but normally you sleep through the light, blow dryer and entire morning routine. 

Thank you for the hug and kiss goodbye.

After the adventure of getting out the door, this day is turning around. Little R got me coffee and it was waiting on my desk. She loved her birthday gift, bag included. She modeled it around the office.

I spoke with c and she’s so happy that I’m going to be with her on Monday. She also had a surprise for me, she never cancelled the Puerto Rico trip!!! We have until a week before to cancel and get a refund with the insurance. So we are going to wait to see how mom is doing before any final decision.

I really don’t even care that I didn’t drop the 15 pounds to get back into a bikini, I just want to have my feet in the sand again.

Hope you have a good,quick and safe trip home. Big hugs

Happy tuesday 

6 thoughts on “Bye Sir”

  1. I signed into wifi and this title popped up and my heart literally STOPPED!!!!!
    Sister, you can’t do that to me…
    i’m not even kidding… emotionally i can’t take it…
    However, i’m glad that it wasn’t what i thought… my little slave heart can resume beating….

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