Coffee apocalypse and other stuff

so in my haste to get out the door today, I poured my coffee then swiftly knocked it over. Lol more like it exploded, on the walls, in my pocket book….everywhere.

It bounced and covered me and everything in its way. The dogs looked at me with the”your in trouble look” and backed slowly away. For the next half an hour I tried to clean it up, but I’m certain I’ll be cleaning coffee spots for at least a week!

Ok, now that other stuff. Had drinks with bG last night. She filled me in on all the gossip and drama from the last party.

She also told me she’s been collecting play partners instead of trying to find a relationship. This is in big part due to her new obsession with rope. She had met many rope tops, but none of them want relationships. Or let me correct that, they do, but she’d be girl number 5. Bg is not girl number 5 material, she’s smart, independant and she has to be number one. So she said after the holidays she’s going to start dedicating  her time to finding a real relationship again and she won’t be attending that many parties. I think that’s not really true, because she really, really likes the rope stuff.

Then there’s mm. Her Dom is a nice, slightly dopey, very bored (he’s retired) guy. Sir and I met them for a drink and …. It was non eventful. Sir was not impressed but then he sent an message on fet that explained more of what he’s looking for for her. It has possibilities, she’s very shy. Her looks are plain, but plain can be made into pretty. With women in general id rather have a good hearted girl than a plastic bimbo(unless it’s a role play thing). 

Who knows what will happen there, but I will text her tonight to see if she has any substance. 

Happy Friday!

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