Ha, Jessica jones

i love odd things, not always the marvel stuff. I must say Jessica jones is one of the ultimate stories of deranged D/s. Sir said watch it and the funniest moment just happened.

I messaginging with a sub and a switch, so both needing a domme.

I’m thinking of what had gone wrong with her. Problem one- a domme always wants ownership example o and yeah the other o. A switch can be nutural  until feelings develope, then they want ownership. Other problem, I’m a switch with women, so I get feelings and I want to own them, but I’m owned and… Boom recipe for destruction.

Got me thinking… What if I just find a sub girl to domme. My fear? What if that’s not enough? What if she sees im not as domme as she needs? What if she breaks my heart…again?

Or maybe it’s just the wine and my cunt talking?

Ha, funny addendum …

I forgot something…

Text to sir 

Oh I forgot to put in the blog as I was sending a text to I …. kill grave says “it feels good to be in control” then she electrocutes him, perfect timing.

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