Pain makes it all better

such a typical masochist thing to say… Right 🙂

It’s true, today was the yoga class that can make me physically cry.

It’s only my second one back since surgery and I was able to do all the moves but the teacher sternly told me if she says twice, do it once. If she says 3 breaths hold it two.

I was out for two months or so. Today I cried and at the end of the class I told her what I had done and she said to not push myself, it will take until the new year before she will let me do the whole class.

The best part…..this mean Barbie doll was sitting next to her and she said how happy she was that I came back. Even at 50%, im still her best, most gifted student. I thought that woman  was going to die.

See, girls are mean. Even crazy old Bulgarian yoga teachers! She made my day, gave me pain, made me cry and then gave me the push I needed to know I can do this!!

Afterwards I called Sir and he was happy I sounded my normal self. The blah almost gone.

Time for a long hot bath and a half a glass of wine.

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