A little list…

a deviation from my normal blog.

My wish list.

A smart girl, but not so smart that I want to punch her because she’s a pompous ass.

A creative mind, but not so creative that she gets lost in her fantasy world.

An independent person, but someone that will turn to me for support.

A pretty girl, not a Barbie, not a supermodel, but a normal pretty girl with an expressive face that I can read.

Oh then there’s the kinky stuff…..

Must like some safe and sane pain, because honestly I sometimes just like to twist nipples other than mine.

Must give pain, because I need it to reset my brain.

Must be bi, because the idea of never having a real cock involved … Just isn’t me.

Must love toys. I can honestly say I can come just as hard fucking a girl as getting fucked.

Must be ok that Sir is in my life and I’m his, but he’s ok with sharing and he doesn’t have to be involved, (except for that important permission to cum call), but he will want to know you as a person.

And extra bonus points if he is 😉

Now for the emotions…..

Must absoluty need aftercare. As a switch I need to take care of a girl I am domme to. I’ll let guilt eat at my soul if I don’t. Trust me, I’ve had that happen.

Must absolutley give aftercare. I need to cuddle. I need to feel that other person right there with me.

Above all, must be kind.

I’m enough of a mean girl….but it’s only to protect myself. 

Oh and I’ve discovered….it would just make shit easier if…

English was your first language or at least a language you can speak with ease.

You didn’t want body modifications that I was supposed to do to you.

A really important one, you’re not pregnant.

You don’t do the dip for days than act like nothing happened.

I’m sure this list could go on and on, but I’ll stop there.

Funny I just realized my wish list is much more a grid I use at work in documents!

But here it is, my own personal wish list.

Oh wait, more bonus points….

If you have long dark hair. (See if this was Sirs list it would be red)

Likes to fool around in bathrooms. I don’t know why, but I like it, only if it’s a single one. 

Are willing to build trust and change my opinion that all girls including me are inherently evil. Well, not really evil, just pretty damn mean:)

Truth, it sucks. I like men as much as I like woman. I just seem to not click with many girls and I adore my friends, but I guess I need more.

Odd the very first person from blog world I ever spoke to….. Said “I’m not looking for a girlfriend”, and a year ago I said the same thing. Now a mere year later she’s had one for a while and I’m making this damn list!! Namaste, my friend.

6 thoughts on “A little list…”

      1. Sadly, yes. 500 miles. We’re waiting to see if His company gets an event in Jackson, MS in mid-January. If it happens, we’ll work together and have a whole week away.

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