Back to that list

so 12/11 has come and gone. The recovery time is over. I made it 8 weeks and didn’t kill anyone, but I have a mean eye twitch due to stress and frustration.

Sir has been taking it easy on my because of the health issues. I know this and honestly I was getting used to it. He gave me room to heal. For the first time the healing I needed to do was physical and emotional. 

It’s been a couple of days so my memory is foggy. I know there was clovers and the hitachi. Nothing inserted because Sir wants that for his own. My holes must be as tight as a virgin by now. I think it’s been about 4 or more months since I’ve had anything in my cunt.

Sir has been training me to cum with no touch and on recovery day I set a record of 10 cums in a row. 

My body and mind are not fully back to where they were before. I have no cunt brain, I’m not a walking faucet, leaking from both ends and in some ways that’s good. 

There are things in vanilla world that need my attention and the distraction of being a bitch in heat will mess that up.

He asked if I was ready to be his good slut again and good slave, I am, but I’m scared too. What if my return to a more vanilla life has made that impossible. What if I can’t do it any more?

There was more on my list, but I really have to shower and get ready to go to the munch with smg.

Then home to wrap the presents and cook healthy food for the week.

Yesterday’s talk I referenced in my last blog, wasn’t because we had a disagreement or fight. It was just a needed communication. I have a habit of not saying what’s on my mind and letting things fester. I’m really making an effort to stop that. I think this will benefit me in all areas of my life. It’s just hard when you’re so used to depending on no one but yourself. You become an island.

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