This slave is a spaze

way too much going on and through all of this im really trying to work on my fears.

I woke up today to see pizza girl cancelled Saturday. Problem I see with that, flavia acted surprised and it’s still up on fet, so, the little voice of maybe it’s on and you just didn’t make the cut comes up.

See I envision the worst so I’m surprised with the best. I find if I picture the best the worst case usually happens.

On to less annoying things.

I gave little R the first part of her Christmas present. A snow globe that lights up and has sparkles and a nut cracker, she was like a little kid.

Last night instead of toys Sir had me edge with fingers in my cunt. No cramps to report. I don’t remember much, but I think he tried to get me to say something positive to earn a cum.

Then off to yoga, omg, that lady killed me. She had a really small class with only he experienced students so we were flying through sequence after sequence. She was so impressed that we were able to do two classes in one and still had time for yoga Nedra. Today I hurt and it feels like my hips are disconndcting from my body and my torso is going to fall through them and hit the ground.

Then back home again.

Sir said 20 edges with the hitachi then call. So about two minutes later I called, don’t remember much except he denied my orgasm. It wasn’t a punishment, since I have a real love/hate thing with denial.

I didn’t wake up particularly wet. Not that play wasn’t fun, it’s just my mind isn’t there yet.

Oh and then I’ve discovered the most unusual question you can ever ask a vanilla (I used this term loosely) what’s their sexual fantasy? You’d never believe some of the answers, talk about hard limits? The most schocking answer is I want a girl to fuck my brother as I watch. Not to sound judgy, (even though I’m totally about too), incest is kinda a moral, I don’t think I can do that and ever look in the mirror again thing. 

My mind is so fragmented today.

Oh and a quick thank you for the brainstorming session yesterday! Anon, it was super fun.

Side note…..when I was married my biggest fantasy was my profile meme 🙂

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