Still not wet 

last night was edges from pain with the clovers on my clit and the Luna in for 5 minutes. It was good and relaxed me, but the wetness doesn’t last long.

Sir in his effort to reawaken my cunt brain left me directions for this morning to edge before work. It made me foggy, I ran late, almost got my atm card eaten by the machine. Then it crashed. Then I had to push my way through the Great Wall of china to get off the bus and the bus almost took off before I stepped out.

Plus the wetness didn’t last again.

I’ve spent the rest of the morning prepping for a meeting at 11, playing bills, making a budget, making lists. I’m looking at a list of all of the things I need to get and do before Christmas and i need an extra 10 hours each day.

Before I call him, edges in the bathroom, after my meeting so I can make sense when I talk.

I like friday, but this one is very go, go, go….after here stop three places, then take the dog for hopefully his last vet appointment for a while, over to C’s for dinner.

My lists include many nice things like a drink with this one, brunch with that one and so on. I made a list of people I’d like to see before the holidays and even the few kinky ones are falling into the vanilla friend catagory too.

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