Another busy day

hair to make brown instead of grey, the post office to fight with. Some places to stop and pick up the little things. I overslept, so laundry will wait until this evening. 

A trip to the morbid oddities museam. This is some weird thing I really have been looking forward to. Going with l and m. They are from a totally different group of kinksters than i normal hang with, but Sir said I can go and it’s not something he’s interested in.

I’ve been struggling trying to come up with a gift for my cousins 40th. If either of us had 2 cents to rub together we’d go away and celebrate both birthdays together, but alas, we have concured we are poor bitches.

So I think I’m going to see how it is and get her tickets to go back. This works on many levels as one, it makes sure she has to come visit me and two, she loves this creepy medical crap even more than I do. She works in an Er and sees some messed up things and then calls me because I’m the only one she knows that will take an interest.

It was with that or go the route of things she hates that I annoy her with. I almost rented her a clown! Turns out they are expensive and I don’t want to be that cruel. Blood and guts is nothing to her but clowns freak her out.

After that, a quite night of catching up with my first work husband. I feel bad as he’s still interviewing and hasn’t gotten a job yet. He’s tops on the list of people I need to see before the holidays. 

Well …. time to literally wash that grey right out of my hair.

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