Gotta get too much done

yesterday was a really social day.

The museam was fun and Sir would have hated it. After the three of us went for lunch. After much talking I’ve come to notice the jokes on l’s part are a coping mechanism. She seen many horrible things in his career and this is how he deals. Oddly they are really nice people. Just normal nice. I was surprised.

After that headed home.

Then out with old work husband. He was running late so I texted c to see what she was up to. The three of us met at a local bar. He was headed to hipsterville to “break dawn”. Lol, he begged and pleaded with me to join him. No can do! Plus I would ruin my budget if I did. Oh and I couldn’t say well I’m meeting up with female a today too. They fight, then they’re friends and so on.

So I promised….when the holidays are over …. We will go to hipsterville and hang. This should make sir happy. So his February visit I’ll have places I know to take him too.

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