Santa trakker 

Nope, not spelled wrong. It’s the combo of a few things all work related. In short we’ve decided to throw our own party and track Santa all day.

Sir was mushy reading my old blogs the other day. I feel so far removed from that person. It’s good and bad. I no longer have that awe of new experiences that I did. I don’t know if it’s the surgery pressing pause or the lack of firsts. On the bright side I’m much more grounded and am no longer afraid of speaking up or feeling I need to write him.

He wanted a happy blog, but I have more things to save for his Christmas letter that I do not want to include here.

2 thoughts on “Santa trakker ”

  1. If it’s the blogs I’ve read as well, I have to say I’m proud of you. I do feel in some you were a bit more open, but I understand the relationship has moved to a different level all together. Some things need to be kept between you guys. I know you are counting down the days! Love ya sister!!!

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