A task?

or more like an early morning punishment. Yesterday I was the latest I’ve ever been for an anniversay call, 37 minutes.

So today, 37 edges with the Luna’s and a blog.

A year ago my blogs were different for a slew of reasons, the most basic, I had 2 hours to kill on a bus every morning to get to work. I also was just starting to figure myself out.

A year later and I have a better idea of who I am and my sex drive and kinky side has been mostly gone for months to physically recover.

I was going to wait until after the gym but I really have too much to do and if I postpone I may not have any time to do it.

So…to be continued.

Writing now is never easy 

I cried, too much inside that I need to let go. Just going to lay and float. 

I mis being held

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