Before I forget

omg was tonight funny.

So let me set the scene. 125th and malcom x blvd in the heart of Harlem, 11 white ” artsy” people and one guy dressed like grand master funk.

The Jazz band was great and after it turned into A club.

(At this point I fell asleep)

It was fet girl, her Dom, f and the pta from their daughters school. By the end of the night, I’m pretty sure that the pta know kniw the two moms are lovers. After my 2 very sting burbon drinks I was on the dance floor with th girls. 

I told Sir If I ever have a bbc fantasy, no need to troll the link sites, we can just go there. It was fun and I felt like a 20 year old kid for a moment dancing to reggae and having guys try to cut in.

(At this point I realized my Chanel pirate red lipstick was missing and went on an hour hunt for it)

I’m sure our little group gave a few people some stories to tell today.

There was a point f cried and I held her. Told her never forget she’s loved. I mean damn I took a train to Harlem for her! She really was shocked I showed knowing how far I traveled. I told her…. Of course I would, she’s more important than anything I could be doing in bklyn.

It’s funny how true that is, there was an all girls play party (got cancelled last minute), I was prepared to go to Harlem, then track there after. I would have passed on the party totally if she needed me there.

Poor get girls Dom, he was exhausted and at one point took a little shut eye on my lap.

I did finally find out who’s doing what for New Years, looks like we are going to a party together.

Oh … all of this dancing and stuff was happening I had 2 girls texting me. One ….. The pregnant one (fml) and the other when I finally spoke to her had the vocabulary of a kindergartner. It’s funny I looked at the two of them in the dance floor and just thought, how nice it would be to have something close to what they do. Maybe one day…….

Plus an old old friend t reached out to me last night. I haven’t heard from him in forever. We went to grade schools together and when my ex husband and I seperated he was good for the three am coffee and cry. Now it’s my turn as him and his wife are now splitting.

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