A new year

where to begin? Lol, not the year, but with last night.

How about the funny part. Leaving the party the first time. We were going diwn the stairs when a door opens and a rather happy portly older man steps out of a door marked spa. A small oriental  woman dressed in only a red robe is behind him with a big smile greeting us happy new year. So if I ever have the need of a happy ending I know a place that would accommodate.

It was a you had to be there moment. 

The party was ok. I was not. My surgery seemed like it never happened and most of the night it felt like I had an ice pick in my uterus. 

Fet girl and fet Dom showed up shortly after us and do to family visiting his hand was rather itchy. Bg showed up later. We rang in the new year and even though the party was ugh, we had each other. Sir held me as fet Dom gave me a hard bare hand spanking and I came. It made the pain pass for a bit and was nice since the past couple of times I could not cum when he spanked me. I hit subspace and I felt good for about an hour.

We were going to head to another party. Out side trying to get a can proved rather difficult, so we headed back in to see if they were leaving and wanted to grab breakfast.

Fet Dom was still looking for the right price of equiptment to have a scene on. I started to feel ill again. We were all watching a scene with a girl blind folded on a cross and a few different people doing sensation play with her. At one point a tall blond and her were playing and that’s when sir knew how bad I felt, because I had zero reaction. Sure it was visually pretty but…. Nope no interest at all.

They finally got to have their scene but it was as we were leaving.

So a waive bye that neither saw and we headed home.

It was a weird but nice night. Now it’s 4pm and im just finished our coffee. 

All in all it was nice to be surrounded by friends and Sir ringing in the new year, but I don’t think (sir please tell me if you agree) that a fetish party New Years is something either of us would do again.

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