A real keyboard

I forgot what it feel like to blog on a real keyboard.  Funny sitting here I get almost a writer’s block.

So I’ll start with yesterday. I was up early and ready for the day as I let Sir sleep in a little.  We had coffee and chatted, then ran a couple of errands.

I headed off to my cousin’s surprise party and I can honestly say she was surprised and even a little pissed because she looked like hell and no one gave her a reason to at least look like a normal human. I have been avoiding her calls knowing that I would most likely slip and say something.  It was weird being with my father’s side of the family with my mother there. We all seemed to have a good time especially since any one that would have caused an issue dies long ago.

She texted at 2 in the morning how my note had her laughing and that she was most excited about the present I gave her. It was a calendar from the morbid anatomy museum and the promise to take her there and then to a speakeasy down the street. We also added the sex museum in the city to the day and then agreed to set a time that worked for us both.

Home to see Sir and chat, I was so exhausted and fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up in bed with nice cuddles.

Thanks for the new laptop Sir, it will take some getting used to but I’m sure the quality (or at least length) of my blogs will improve….but I just realized all my blog photos are on my phone!!!!

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