i woke up thinking “oh crap, oh no, I’m going to cum”

I was so deeply asleep I didn’t realize Sir was in bed with me. I thought it was a dream and I was loosing control. In a flash of a moment the thought of “how do I tell him I came in my sleep” passed over my mind as I heard him tell me to cum. 

It was a brief moment of consciousness then back to a deep subspacey sleep.

Thank you Sir, after I slept well and deep and woke up very refreshed.

Yesterday was fun and relaxing. I spent most of the day cooking and baking.

Fet girl, her Dom and the three kids picked us up when the sun went down and we went to see the Christmas lights in dyker. It was enjoyable, but only because of the joy from the children and the doms. Many pictures were taken and there were promises to go earlier next year.

We all went for a bite, us too full to have anything more to eat. The conversation was fun and the children super bright and lively.

Sir and I also watched a movie called carol together. It’s funny because aside from the beauty of the cinematography I noticed two things. One, it made me think, why do women fall so hard or not at all? And when the hell did I start to identify more with the Kate blanchet character than the young, inexperienced girl 🙂

Well off to work

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