Long day

my job is a total mess!

I don’t really want to think about it, but I have some big decisions to make career wise soon.

My head is pounding.

I’ll write more later…….


I really think the woman upstairs is planning a fatwa. She’s been screaming in Arabic for an hour on the phone.

So last night, I was messaging with a swinger kinky couple and I got to dinner (oh Christ now she’s singing). I had my phone out, after not texting for a couple of hours the guy sends me a pic of his wife fucking another girl with a strapon. 

I’ve never closed my phone so quick. I really must remeber to shut off the alerts!!

Ugh and the worst part … I have zero sex drive. I think that’s why I’m even messaging them.

My work crap has me so stressed out that I am bone dry ( kinda wish this lady would go back to screaming).

Too much going on.

My head is a mess.

4 thoughts on “Long day”

  1. Always remember in due time everything works out in the end. I know you like to have control over things, but sometimes situations are just beyond our control and it’s better to just let those things play out as they will. The stuff you can control, reign it in. Hugs!!

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