Mystery solved!

thanks to the busted radiator upstairs.

Turns out the woman upstairs is from what I can tell a worse clean freak than I am! Explains the habitual vacuuming. Her apt is sparsely decorated.

And you may ask, who is the singer planning the fatwa on her phone, it’s the super downstairs. God she has a horrible singing voice and she’s yelling about her ex.

I tried in vain to clean all night. First little R interrupted me. She’s afraid to walk home without being on the phone with someone.

Then I’ve turned to food delivery. I’m not wealthy or have two cents to rub together but thanks to a 40% off coupon I can eat for the next couple of weeks.

Then I go to finally get back to cleaning and I hear rain….FML.

Water is falling from the pipe in the living room. So upstairs I went. Problem solved and I’ll know tomorrow when the plasterer is coming to fix it, I’m more excited about my mysteries being solved.

Half the cleaning done and I give up… Watching the last madmen and having a glass of wine.

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