Dreams and memories

so after a week of stress and blah and even some anger, I had a nice dream.

Funny that my dreams used to be dark, kinky and painful, leaving me drenched. Now my dreams are cuddles, leaving me moist. Yes, that’s right I used that word. Lol I have some friends that hate that word.

It was a very simple dream…call it a puppy pile of cuddles, both male and female. No faces just warmth.

Totally seperate note, I made it to the last episode of madmen last night. Sir was shocked that I remembered the coke commercial.

Funny because I remembered the holiday one. Not the original. I was maybe three or four, so yes it was still in the 70’s. We had just come back from Florida, my mother freshly divorced and we lived in the city. We were dirt poor. It was one of the many Christmas times my grandparents rescued us. My mothers boyfriend was arrested for manslaughter and we were living on the les. A great neighborhood now, but it was horrible back then. My mother was only 20 and my Pop showed up at the door. It was the dead of winter and I had nothing warmer that a romper. After dressing me in clothes he went and brought, and giving my mother his coat, we went into the car and headed home.

** clothes he brought included my first fur coat, rabbit with a matching muff. A Tull dress, knit sweater, tights and black Mary Jane shoes, paten leather, of course.

For the majority of my childhood his house was home. We moved over 30 times before I moved out on my own and about half of those moves were to their house.

So the commercial….I remember singing it with my cousin, I think 1979? sitting under the diningroom table, hiding as the adults fought over who knows what during Christmas dinner.

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