Last night turned out much different than planned. Originally we were headed to hipsterville. Yup 3 old farts hanging with the youngins. Due to all 3 of us having limited cash, we decided to hang at my house, a couple of drinks food and netflix. No this was not “netflix and chill”, but more netflix and escape.

C and oldest work husband are two of my closest vanilla friends. Our friendships have spanned more than a decade. Funny because I didn’t realize he had never been to the new place even though we both live in bklyn. They are both the more than fashionably late types, so 9:30 meet time was more like 10:30.

I gave him the grand tour that takes all of a minute and he confessed to having apartment envy. He lives in a much more coveted area, but his place is crap. Inherited from his wife’s grandmother and it’s rent controlled, so he pays about 3 grand less than everyone else in the building.

so back to last night, no deep conversation. Just three people super stressed and needing to escape life for a few hours. We sat on the too big couch, ate Lebanese food and watched Luthur. It was what our minds needed.

They both thanked me this morning and agreed we should do that every so often as my house is the calmest place they’ve ever been.

So today I went to the yoga class I really get nothing out of and I think I’m going to shower and oddly head back to the gym, maybe some cardio and a sauna, then get a mani. No one except bg is going out tonight and I think instead of being in a room of strangers I’m going to just do what I want to. They took a day to get away and so am I.

I may walk and wander the neighborhood, but I have no set time points or real goals. Today I will relax and just be.



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