Saturday with the resolutionaires

It started with yoga…..I know everyone is new at some point,but when you have an abnormal amount of new people an ok hatha class turns into hell. Then I tried to do cardio and all of the machines were taken.

I went home and re gathered, telling Sir I was not happy with how the new gym is going. I went back to do my cardio and get some sauna time. When I went in it was empty….like dead empty. I didn’t complain, there was no need. After some errands and a visit to the nail salon.

So….here’s my issue with “resolutionaires”. I hate this “new year, new me” shit. To me they break down into 2 groups, the I’m gonna go to the gym and eat right for tops a month and then the even worse type….the I’m going to make amends and reach out to all of the people I treated like crap. Case in point, a message I didn’t see yesterday from ex-doms ex, or my ex-best friend.  About a year or more ago she after 15 years sent me a facebook friend request. I accepted and it was followed by some of the rudest possible fucking messages ever.

Here’s the thing….I didn’t have any type of sexual relationship with her ex until we were no longer friends and she was engaged. So she can’t say that it was me being a slut, we stopped being friends because I told him she was engaged. Her idea was to keep I’m on the back burner for the rest of her life. Was that the right thing to do? no, generally I can be a pretty shitty person sometimes, but so was she. We were young and she has taken him from me first when we were 14.

She apologized……that’s the first time she had ever said sorry. Sorry for being a jerk and sending those messages. That it was a new year and she was trying to make things “right” in her life and relationships.

Now here’s my issue, I get up every morning with resolve. I set daily goals, I make it a point (even though I sometimes fail in an epic way) to be a better person.

A tangible example……at the start of every yoga practice you set a resolve, something you wish to gain out of the practice, peace, acceptance, serenity, hell even a thinner waist line……I don’t wait until an entire year has past to try to be better. I know I can be an ass, selfish and sometimes a downright horrible person, but I try everyday not to be.

In that spirit I did not at first acknowledge her apology, instead I said “happy New Year, hope you and the family are well”. I did this in order no to be a shitty person.  I waited until the Bitch in me calmed down and said that you for saying sorry and we had a rather polite chat. I’m not looking to restore a friendship, but honestly we are both much better off without him in our lives.  He would pit us against each other and sit back enjoying the attention.

I also spoke to the manager at the gym today to find out how to put my membership on hold. It’s time to start planning just in case the next surgery is needed.

It was a sad day to be me and now I just want to cuddle with the puppies.

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