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I was to be an after yoga post, but thanks to my knee…..there is no such thing a comfortable cross legged position right now. I dislocated my “good” one yesterday afternoon and with the storm coming soon, it’s swollen and bruised and I can’t afford to be held up by it. So I’m taking a break and I’ll try some piyo later.

Happy munch:

SMG and I showed up and we wondered where everyone was. Being that it was 60 out we went to check outside and saw the much leader and one other person in a large booth alone. Shocked we grabbed seats and chatted about how our holidays and new years were. Everyone that went to the same party as me agreed the space sucks, but they go for the guests.

About an hour in one more person showed…then 2…then another until we had a nice small group. everyone was talking and laughing and my normal hour turned into 3 or 4.

SMG was happy I asked her to go out. She’s like me and is happy to just stay home and not be social sometimes.

Crazy week:

For some reason I guess boredom, I’ve been talking to people on-line again…that shitty swing site. So tomorrow depending on weather I’m going to meet a couple in the city. They were funny on the phone, but I still really don’t like that scene in general. then Wednesday maybe meet with some single female….maybe. The plans that are a def are Friday and Saturday. Drinks in my boro with the bi b and bow-tie man. Then off to the slave auction with L&M. Lol, but this time I’m not going to be the one up on the block. It will be M, not me as the sub of the evening. Maybe I’ll buy a nice little slave girl of my own. I keep telling everyone at work that if we hit the power ball I will be known as lady (insert  name) and have servants and a castle, I left out the dungeon and assorted fun stuff and that all of my servants will really serve. Does’t sound to subby, but hey, a slave can dream. I told work husband I’ll hire him as my driver, he’s pretty enough and I have no fantasy of fucking my driver.

So with all that going on i also have a ton and a half of work to do that is keeping me tied to my desk most of the day and little r is sick, but that’s just good timing because I’ d just tell her to leave me alone.

Doms are Funny:

During the munch last night I got a text from a local sub that I’ve been speaking with’s Dom. We exchanged greetings and he asked a question. Since I was out and being social I was in no way glued to my phone so the message was question….wait one minute then “?”….repeat. I almost said I was out in the opening, but I got too much of a kick out of that. Out of all of the new people she seems the most interesting, but as most D/s couples they are both looking to play. The nice thing is they are local and seem ok. He sent me a message in Domly Dom fashion “call me”, lol, I was just in bed and not getting up to make the google voice ring, so I said no, for him to call me. At one point he asked if I was a sub.

I wasn’t trying to be rude or a bitch. It’s just, please, guy, I’m not your sub. We talked for a few minutes and it was a nice conversation. I spoke with Sir about how busy this week is…so I’ll see if she wants to get coffee next week.  I need to keep balance and it’s way too cold to be out every night, plus I have my gym routine and work to stay focused on. I really am kinda hoping that my weekday plans get cancelled.

RIP- David Bowie

It was funny because this weekend I was thinking (maybe too much) about a certain time in my life. Seeing this reminded me also of that time, but singing and one of my favorite movies. He will be missed. Sir also mentioned him in his email this morning and I was glad he told me of his passing and I didn’t find out from social media.

Time to go put my knee up……List complete.

3 thoughts on “Back to that list”

  1. Ah, I love your lists and the fact that you can stick to them. Every time I make a huge list, it overwhelms me so I become anxious and toss it. A very admirable trait you have my dear!

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      1. That’s the exact same way I am. If there is something huge I need to accomplish, I break it down into smaller fractions so I know I’m getting somewhere!

        Liked by 1 person

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