i had to contact the ex yet again. Late last night I got a message from a social worker friend. She ran into a person that my ex and I were friends with and he is currently homeless and living on the streets.

So I did what I could and told the ex, he still has contact with this guys friends and family.

I think she thought I’d take him in, but no, I’m not that good of a human. There’s a reason he’s on the streets and it’s due to his alcoholism, gambling and stealing from those close to cover his debts. I told her this and warned her not to take him in, what he really needs is rehab. 

Problem, where I use to live, the drug epidemic is so bad unless you are in mid overdose, you can’t get in.

I very bluntly said, your a social worker, why don’t you try to get him in. She said he swears he’s not using, my reply was I didn’t say he was a junkie, but when did alcoholics all of a sudden not need rehab.

I took a moment to think and then realized, I was talking to a functional alcoholic. She didn’t see the problem. She brought him a meal and had a long talk with him. Who knows what will become of him.

My ex’s reaction, typical “oh wow” who told you. Not let me call his family and see if they know. He thinks it’s just a good bit of gossip. So I had to ask him to reach out and try to get him help.

Other shit im thinking:

Too much work… Never going to finish it.

I’m missing something internally.

Did you really call me fat and old?

I need more out of life and I have no idea how to get it.

I think today im just going to stay quite, so if it seems like no one hears from me, I just need to be with myself for now.

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