Anger Management

Usually yoga does it for me, but last night I needed a bit more.

Funny thing is before my rotten egg post Sir had sent me to sleep with good pain and plenty of O’s with the hitachi. I floated off to sleep in utter blissful subspace. It was as though I woke up in full drop. This sometimes happens when we play and he is not here, but it’s been so long I had really forgotten.

After meeting all of my personal goals and deadlines at work, I needed a different kind of release. I went to pound class……It’s cardio and Pilates and you get to beat the crap out of the mat with drum sticks.

I did what until last night had never been done, I broke one of those big heavy duty plastic sticks! It felt great, I beat the shit out of that floor and when the song thanks for the memories came on I pictured my ex’s face and boom, it broke. The teacher promptly laughed and threw me another one so I could finish the class.

Today will be a day of micro managing others. I’m really good at that and yet at the same time, absolutely hate doing it. The problem is I’ve done everything I could and now it’s time to guide and motivate others to complete their tasks.

I wish I was on that beach right now, but I only have to come to work three more days!

Also if I ever post “I don’t know me in the mirror” just ask if I need to dye my hair! That’s probably the reason 😉

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