Kick’n it Ole Skool -part 1

For any one in the NYC fetish community, that means one thing only, A trip to Paddles.  L (Friendly jokester Dom) and M (very sweet shy Switch) and I went for a nice dinner before hand at an Iranian place, complete with Belly Dancing. I seriously wanted to steal one of her costumes. It had these beautiful led encrusted material pieces that when she twirled it looked like wings. I thought “if sir was here, I’d be making those tomorrow!”

We cross the street and go right in and too my amazement they have a crowd.  That doesn’t happen often, the first person I recognized was Subby big balls guy, who was giving a newbe a tour, not shocked, he’s been in the scene for as long as anyone can remember. I also spot Gladiator guy, Sir had a nice conversation with him at a party, but I couldn’t recall what one.

We walked though and true to form L was very much the mayor of this party.Within a minute he handed M a leash and she had a guy to walk around or a bit of the night. Turns out shy as she is, she’s pretty good at Domming guys. Next character was the Indian guy with the prettiest 1980″s fluffy hair I had ever seen. He stayed with us the majority of the night. His main fetish worshiping M’s tits, in a domly fashion? oh and giving very “gentle spankings”.

L had been pretty much dreaming of getting to spank me in very much a fet girl doms way. Meaning with in a few minutes I was bent over a bench. Not before I watched him play with M first, just to make sure that nothing out of my comfort zone was his thing. He had an amazing long flogger that was like soft kisses on my ass, then something thudy, then a little stingy, then some bare hands. I look up and as the usual my loud mouth drew a crowd. No cums thanks to the damn cell phone not getting any reception.

I did notice right after my mood was lite and I’ve discovered to me, spanking is therapy. In the case of last night, it was nothing sexual, just good stress release. I walked through the club and searched for any decent looking girl, but the only ones were the few hired to entertain the crowd and play for “tips”. Not a bad deal as the promoter pays them a good wage and assigns them a dm to make sure no limits are crossed. I thought, hey if money gets tight, I may ask Sir if I can apply for that job. Too not be a pro dom, but a pro-spanke…I think that could have possibilities!

I came across a Domme, she was giving a massage/spanking and it looked like fun, then L tells me that’s the one that tried to get him kicked out last party. Turned out though the night, she was a mega bitch, so there went that. Aside from M I was essentially trapped in a world of Domly men. So what’s a slave to do? Sir allows spankings as long as I’m safe and with L watching (was busy off beating some little boy) I figured OK, look for something interesting. M came back and she has a group of people she will routinely play with. One guy had these great paddles, when in paddles, might as well…… they were super squishy on one side and made a really nice thud. He ask politely if I wanted to try, seeing me eye them during their scene. I have to say, they were pretty great.

Then it was time for me to Dom M. The first thing I asked for was that really nice peurple flogger. I had L instruct me and off I went slamming her ass with it. Then some bare hands…and Three of us took turns. I must say she really has stamina, as she switched back and forth all night from sub to Domme and didn;t miss a beat.

I mentioned during dinner my old fears of certian groups that I believed formed when I was first circling the scene in the 90’s. Tonight one such group  the leather family. So to understand this fear you have to know what I pictured. Think outlaw bike gang, mean, clicky plus there instignia on fet creeps me out!

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