Kick’n it Ole Skool -part 2

….but first a few random thoughts.

Why did you get a blow out and do a club like smoky eye for yoga class (girl that speaks no English at the gym)?

Why is it that 90% of Chinese women near me start dressing like Dommes when winter comes (all of the people I see on my way to work in very shiny pants)?

Does they girl in  pound really want me to rim her (because she has no idea what personal space is when she bends over)?

back to the story.

L introduces me to this black guy with really long dreds that had just finished a scene with M. We talk about my upcoming vacation and he asked if I do Bikram yoga because he noticed that when I bent over, if I liked what is being done to me I arch into a back-bend. I didn’t know I did that, but I can believe it.

He then he said he was part of the leather family, so check, another irrational fear tackled. He had a nice spanking rhythm and he did  a massage/chiropractic adjustment on M. So who am I to pass up a back adjustment and spanking? Unfortunately like the FWB of the spanker, he kind of …. I can’t really describe it, but he was just a little to complimentary of my body and I really don’t take compliments well and with the extra weight, I tend to think of it as just bullshit to try to get into my pants. He asked if he could friend me on fet and I told him I’d have to ask Sir. He was polite about it, but I get a weirder out when other men start to show interest in me.  I guess I got spoiled with Fet girls Dom and his ability to just give me a good spanking, tell me I’m a good girl and send me on my way.

About that time I started to get a bit uneasy that I had too much interest coming from single men and that I was doing something wrong because Sir was not there, even though I new I had his permission to be out. I would have felt better if there were more females there.

oops missed a part…..the slave auction.

It was all very fun and light hearted. There were rules and all slaves were assisted with DM’s to monitor the scene after negations. most were men….Most got pity bids, except for gladiator boy. He was females only, switch into bondage and impact play. Nice to get to know how everyone identifies, because I never saw him as anything but Dom. There was also an older guy that was females only, rope expert and escape artist. His schitck was to teach a female to tie and then escape the bondage. I also bidded on him just to learn a bit of rope, but I was holding out hope of all least one Domme or cute Subbie girl. When you came in you for 50 grand in tickets, by the time the auction started I had over 300,000. They saved the 2 girls for last. the first one a little chubby, super new and really not my type. so I passed. Due to being vertically challenged, I could not see to the front where everyone was and I didn’t know there was only 2 girls. The second was one of the paid “hostesses” She was cute but had the air of bitchiness about her. She knew she was in the “best for last place” and the super competitive bitch in me almost called Sir asking if I could go on the block, just to show her I could get more cash, mainly because I wouldn’t ask for a tip or expect one after! That thought passed really quick because I was in too good of a mood to let the petty girl in me get carried away. She ended up going for 500,000 and really fast, so I never even got my bid in.

It was fun and I would totally do it again. M even got herself a nice cross dressing boy to spank.

The night ended with me L, m and Indian fluffy haired guy in a dark alcove doing some tit torture to M. She giggles if you hit then and then I remembered I had the pocket rocket. So we blindfold her and she really liked the vibrator on her nipples, she went into a fit of giggles. At one point I had to call fluffy haired guy to stand next to me due to and influx of creepers being rude-as-fuck and trying to touch her. I hit one of the on the hand with the crop and told him if he does it again I’m calling a dm. That was the only time that anyone stepped out of line.

In the beginning of the night L took out the vampire gloves…..oh how I love the gloves. He had told me in the restaurant he uses a really good safe word and it worked rather well. It was, if you want me to stop, give me the middle finger. So with just a little bit of the gloves, he got both fingers, damn the lack of cell service!!!!

All in all it was a good, fun and relaxing night. Sir said he was glad that I sounded so much better on the phone and that I had a fun time. He was trying to come up, even just for one night, but the schedule didn’t work. I think he would have rather enjoyed the nostalgic aspect and hearing me laugh again.

When I got home, I went in and got the pups, introduced them to m and L. Sir and I talked for an hour and somehow I went to sleep at 4 and still made it to my yoga class this morning.



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