Ever drop in your sleep?

I had dreams of my asshole ex and work.

I often wonder why I have such a postponed drop. On Saturday night each scene I had there was aftercare, I was not in anyway…….neglected as a submissive, yet a couple of days later I get sad.

I don’t get the OMG, what did I do, so much as I get tired.

When I say I’m tired to Sir he looks at sleep and diet and stress and all of the normal things that will cause “tired”. This isn’t always a physical thing for me, so much as more a mental issue. When I’m too social, my brain says stop…..relax.

This weekend I’ve talked to so many people that I feel almost unable to form words today. I should be better than this as it’s a holiday and I’m off and not trapped in my cubicle dealing with idiots. Instead I’m having trouble motivating myself to do the simplest thing, like pack for vacation.

I’ve been up for hours and just laid in bed, but I guess it’s time to stop the mopping and get things done.

Yesterday I met a new girl from SLS, she’s D/s and I wish i wasn’t so shallow because personality wise she’s a 10, but that’s kind of where it stops because oddly she looks like my mom’s cousin and it totally freaked me out!

After n and I had a few hours of chatting and general husband bashing, work bashing and laughing. It was what we both needed. Play partners, I don’t think we will ever be, but out of everyone I’ve met, she’s a real true friend. I told her all about Saturday and with her husband leaving the country soon, she is super excited to go out with me one night. She liked the idea of so many rules and that they have security. She has an adventurous soul, but she’s super new and a little scared.

Although she has had many threesomes, she is pretty light on experiences and prefers that no cocks out is a rule. So at some point this spring I will be writing about N and her first fetish party……I only hope she has fun.

Gotta pack ;(

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