Mid vacation

its been beaches and mojitos for days….but my body said STOP. Lol, so today I’ve been lazy and In between my frantic runs to the bath room I’ve been reading and thinking.

When we first got here, it’s really an amazing paradise, but the condo is secure. It has been nicknamed our trip to Guantanamo bay, due to the barbed wire fences.

I haven’t been alone to talk to Sir, but after much internal dialogue, I told my best friend im bi and kinky. The bottle of wine helped. She took it well and we havent mentioned it since.

Her friend flew in from Chicago and we toured the mountains, beaches and historic bits of the island. He’s getting ready now to return home and im a little worried about the questions I know she’s been wanted to ask for the past couple of days.

I’ve also been deep in thought about a new 5 year plan…. More on that another time

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