Oh work

i was still on vacation mode until about a half an hour ago.

I have a 12:30 meeting with the boss to feel her out for the promotion.

Looking forward to yoga later and my easy day back has turned into an afternoon full of meetings.

Sir and I had a good laugh last night. Plans I had did not work out and I ended up home early and pretty frustrated from edging early on. He was busy but stepped out to give me a quick o. Problem I had to pee. So he said one or the other. You could hear the delema in my voice. I mentally said screw it, I’ll pee on my floor if I have too and clean it up later. A couple of seconds with the hitachi and I really had to pee, so a scientific experiment….can I pee and orgasm.

Total failure, no o, just pee. But by the time we were done we were both laughing. 

So Nope Pee-gasms are not my thing.

Ugh, short break over…time to go get my Domme on.

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