“Are you happy?”

A simple question I asked someone today.

There answer was really not a point of contemplation. It was my thoughts on that.

I’m no where near a bad head space, oddly chipper, but it made me think, am I happy?

I have no answer. As a perfectionist I don’t think I will ever be satisfied, but is that the same thing as happy?

Things are working out for me work wise, but work may feed my need to feel important, but…. It doesn’t make me “happy”


6 thoughts on ““Are you happy?””

      1. Yes, that could be a problem. It’s good to strive for new, better, more. But, occasionally, you just have to sit back and enjoy the memories, accomplishments and the where you are at that very minute. 🙂

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      2. Being present in the moment is a really hard one for me. It happens occasionally but usually only during yoga and subspace. Aside from that I split my time worrying about the future and trying to learn from the past. I create the majority of my own stress.


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