Dommed by Accident?

Sir said I had to ask crazy lady to “fix my hips”. Before the surgey and issues leading up to it, I was able to cum just from the right pressure applied to my hip joints. It’s been months and my hips just aren’t as open as they were.

After a long day of meetings, work and little R’s meltdown, I headed to yoga. She was running late, but I was able to get a second alone with her before class. I started my saying “—- I have been having a problem with my hips….”, I was abruptly cut off with a finger on my lips and a “shh, beautiful girl” (insert Bulgarian accent. “First, where were you last week?” I told her I was on vacation. She said that is good, then “you have a pretty practice, but since your surgery it is different, You used to be strong and powerful, now just pretty to watch. Today we do all hip openers, I know they are you favorite, but you show them.” Damn….this happens ever so often, there were to many new people in the class and she would be busy on one side of the room “stopping the new people from killing themselves”. Luckily since I’ve been back I have done some kind of yoga every day and I’ve been feeling much better.

True to her word …it was nothing but hip openers and I was front and center. She referred to me as her beautiful advanced student. As she was running out the door at the end of the class to get to her next one many miles away, she declared “My best student, you are all better, I fixed your hips!” I laughed and said thank you….

It reminded me of another submissive here on wordpress that has a fitness Dom. Until today I didn’t realize for the past year and a half I’ve had one since. She promised me after the surgery that I’d be back to normal by January, but since I missed a call I guess the beginning of February is acceptable.

Thank you Sir for the email today, I was feeling so down. Thank you for also explaining how your dom drive and sex drive are connected. I believe a small part of me was thinking you were losing interest in me. Never in a communication way, but as your slave. I know I was sick for a very long time, but since I’ve returned from vacation I do feel much better. My mind needed to heal, so that my body could follow. It will still be some time for me to get back into the shape I’m confortable with, but I can really start now. This was the first class I enjoyed the pain with no cramps, no knee issues and I walked out feeling proud. Funny because I think it was being able to serve both you and my accidentally Domming crazy lady. Oh, I almost forgot, I was able to get 80 good pain edges during class….lol, I think they helped me to hold the poses longer.




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