“I’m old enough to have birthed these Mother f!@#kers”

A direct quote from me to C last night.


Back to my old neighborhood to celebrate the brides 37th birthday. God the crowd was young. We were officially the creepy old people at the end of the bar.  It was a good time, yet pretty uneventful. We did talk of making plans to do Cancun in late August. I’ll be damned if I let another 5 years go by before my next vacation.

The day was good. Mom decided to be mothering again. I have a habit of picking clothes I like and killing then. Case in point one of my favorite pencil skirts. It started as a structured garment that after 5 years of being warn and washed on a weekly basis, it has the texture of an old cotton tee shirt. So off the to inner ring of hell went went aka the mall. She gave me her charge and 3 new skirts, a pair of pants and 3 tops later she felt better that I would not be wearing rags to work….as if.  Not that I threw out my old shirt, I’d say it has another couple of wearings before it falls apart.

I think this comes from growing up poor and having to keep the same clothes for years. I have a favorite winter dress that I brought 18 years ago, I still wear it all the time. I care for things and I’m not one to throw something away because it’s not in fashion.

I also found a shop that was going out of business selling boot socks, leg warmers and those faux boot sock top things. Everything was a dollar and 20 bucks later I picked up little gifts for all of my friends. Something for my cousin, c, the bride, my goddaughter and little r. I also kept a few things that I’m going to measure out and pattern, so I can knit them myself.

I had given one to the bride that matched the wrap I made her. She loved it and was like “I finally got one of your creations”.  Her husband later told me it was her favorite gift. We made some plans to take my stepson out for his birthday. I think I’m ready…..at least I hope I am, I miss him dearly.

So a long weekend and 2 late nights out. Time to clean and make lunch for little r and I.



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