Real estate woes

for the past 2 years little R has been trying to sell one place and buy another.

It took her over a year to sell and she’s had one place fall through right before closing and now due to her attny and the banks screw ups, she may loose another.

Her closing was set for tomorrow. Since I’ve gotten back from vacation she’s been a wreck and with reason.

I’m really trying to deal and be helpful, but her mood swings are ……horrible. I miss good, he’ll I even miss the fake happy R.

Last night I got sick, now I’m dealing with her while trying to fight off something flu like. I just hope I don’t loose my shit with her.

I also need to pull through a really busy work day, then yoga, laundry and I have to pick up wine for Sir’s visit. All things I’d normally enjoy, now feeling like a chore.

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