Up Early

As usual.

I’m still super off lately. Not sure why. I know the looming birthday is starting to come into play. C sent me an invite to my birthday dinner. I got pissed. First she didn’t confirm the date with me, the place or the guest list. I held back and didn’t over react, just asked her to change the date. I am only doing this once, I will have one birthday, on the day I was born and that’s it. Plus Sir and I had discussed his next trip and I knew that family and friends would want to do something so I had taken time off. My thought, spend 3 days with Sir. Kiss him goodbye on my birthday morning, go to some type of horrible party, then next day is mom’s birthday and then get a day to myself to recover. She almost messed that up big time.

Funny thing is I took over the guest list. lol, there will be 3 kinky friends coming and oddly they were among the first to say yes. I’m also going to guess my mother is pissed because I told her no parties and here C goes planning one. The venue is nice, it’s 20’s themed and the food is excellent.

Sir and I had a small hiccup yesterday afternoon. I had gotten a bit upset and started to shut down, not wanting to talk about it. He made me and I still have issues saying how I feel in the moment. Problem was I don’t want to meet knew people on days (in my mind) I have set aside for us.

Tonight is a pizza party that Sir had wanted to get to know some friends outside of the club. I get the chance to know people better because I can meet after work for a drink, or go out for birthday dinners and such.  I was under the impression this was a vanilla thing with kinky people and Sir thought otherwise. Plus there is a vanilla girl coming and I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. I thought some pizza, wine and conversation would be a nice way to end the weekend. Everyone coming today has some big drama going on and from the sub girls side, they are really not up for play. They really need conversation and they turn to Sir for good advise.

I guess I should stop typing and start cleaning up the mess from yesterday’s dinner. We had a nice night and I proved to Sir that my crazy little dog will choose wine over anything.


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