The club and a munch

(wishing I was home in my bed)

The three of us went to the club, greeted all the regulars. We were happy, but not overly playful. 

I had a short scene topping M.

Then I asked if L could see if his friend needed a wax bottom. Luckily she did. It was nice and soothing and she followed it up with some knive play and a lite spanking.

I went out to talk to sir, he was on the phone with the widow and they both agreed I sounded like a happy wine drunk, but it was just post scene bliss. 

Back inside and others had started taken my place on the table, funny how it just takes one person to start, then everyone starts playing.

One good flogging and the night was over. 

We drove one person home to the Bronx, cut through queens to get to bklyn and inside of 12 hours we had visited every boro.

I got a quick nap and then out shopping with mom. I was relieved the place we went only allows one person in the dressing room at a time. I was pretty sure there was still remnants of wax I hadn’t gotten off of my back yet.

Back home and just enough time to make healthy food and smg and little b/g came over. They played and took pics with the happy pups and off to the munch we went.

We were there for about 4 hours, it was small only 6 of us, but nice and calm. 

I woke up thinking it was Sunday, ugh, looking at the phone it said “go to work”……damn.

So now I’m at work and drop is setting in. Just need to put it off until I get out of here. Then I can cry in yoga class.

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