My foot and your ass should meet sometime 

I just had the most infuriating conversation with little R.

In the past year I’ve gain 20 pounds, since I’m so fucking short it may have well been a 100.

So I’m eating healthy and going to the gym. I guess since I can’t afford to cook for both of us and won’t eat what she brings in she is “concerned”

First she says the typical “your not fat.” See I never said I was fat, I said I gained weight, too me it feels like 100 pounds. I’m still a size 6/8.

Then she starts her bullshit attempt at psycho analyzing me. Are you filling up you life with the gym in order to fill up the emptiness you have. Wtf? No, I don’t thing going to the gym 4/5 hours a weeks is really that big of a deal. 

So I tell her no, a pair of pants I wanted to west doesn’t fit and the dress I was going to wear for my bday didn’t either. That’s it, no other reason than that…..simple.

Then the line…..

“Well maybe your just not supposed to wear those types of clothes anymore”

WTF….. I’m taking a pencil dress and work pants. She knows I’m feeling shitty about my age and she says that. 

Welcome to my day, meetings,document and her fucking bullshit.

4 thoughts on “My foot and your ass should meet sometime ”

  1. See, this is where I would snap. Stalker and her need to meet, then they could entertain each other! Don’t stress about the birthday it’ll be fine. As far as being a shorty short, by state law, I should be in a booster seat in the car!!!! Fuuuuuuuck that!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

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  2. I will bet you an unsweet iced tea the issues she projects onto you are her issues. Do not let her live rent-free in your head. I know that’s hard, but let it go ASAP.


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