Don’t make me laugh

i walked into a conversation that almost put a hole in my tongue today

L is standing with little R. Yesterday she went home early. No explanation, just a simple “I can’t today”. I said ok. Gotcha.

So she went to the painted pot alone and made a ring holder, she stopped across the street and got an egg salad sandwich. She said the funny thing is, she doesn’t like egg salad…..except her grandmothers. That’s when it made sense. Her grandmothers memory is going and she’s due to get married later this year. 

But….. That’s not what made me laugh. I knew none of this as I walked up to the 2 of them. All I hear is little R saying “I should go back to school for this and become a therapist” L had the look on her face I know so well, the please lord let me not punch her in the face, I can’t afford the bail. 

I (dead stare, resting bitch face on) said “first thing you should do is get yourself a good therapist”.

She said oh I don’t need one. Really? So thankfully she went back inside and l and I had a good talk. More about dealing with R than her grandmother. I told her about yesterday and she complimented my restraint in not punching her. She said she made a similar statement about her weight this morning as well.

I told her I just keep saying “forgive her, she’s the young one and knows no better” to wich L pointed out, she’s a year younger. 

Today my mood is very reflective of the weather. I’m listless, tired and going through sugar withdrawal.

I figured out why I was not loosing weight and it may be related to my morning coffee. Turns out it contains the full amout of sugar (ok maybe 10 grams over) my suggested daily allowance. 

Makes perfect sense. I started drinking this when I got here so now I change back to black no sugar. So the first side effect, headache. It will take a few days, but if the scale moves, then mystery solved.

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