My mother

i totally forgot this until a moment ago.

My mother is a joiner. I’m not. She likeS groups and clubs and organized meetings of all different things.

So aa, I totally get that. 25 years clean and sober and she really needs to stay that way. But… Then she tells me she went to an geology group….

Now to understand my shock was first off she can’t pronounce geology. Nevermind she has no interest in it and has a 7th grade education. This found her sitting in a room with a friend of hers (phd in geology) and a bunch of people 2x her age. She was amazed how “snotty” they were. 

But that’s not the best part she goes to use the restroom and the woman’s room was out of order. Her friend says go in the men’s room I’ll watch the door. Mom has a bit of paranoia about things like that, so she locks the door. 

The door lock jams and she can’t get out, so she starts freaking. Her friend eventually gets her out. Not before all of the people in this group witness this as the restrooms are in the meeting room. So she said ” I don’t think I want to go back there again”.

I suggested maybe a simple rule, if you cannot pronounce the name of the group….don’t go?

Then today I get this gem….



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