Not much in the mood to write today.

Spoke with Sir and changed my weigh in day to Friday. My theory Friday is a good day, as opposed to Monday. Good news for a good day, down 2.6 pounds. The nutritionist said my food diary was amazing and suggested more lean protein for lunch, a bit less for dinner and then it’s better than ever hers.

Got great news yesterday. I had taken some time off for my birthday and was thinking of canceling it, but my most favorite cousin said she took off too and would be coming to stay with me. I miss her, we normally see each other only a couple of times a year, but with both of us turning 40, we’ve already done that. She is coming to a class with me and then even wants to go to a party.

We are too much a like. Her first reaction was “yes!!” Then a couple of texts later….”I’m too fat to go”

I talked her down and told her of the 300 pounds ballerina in nothing but a tutu and she seemed back to being excited.

All was good, but I forgot I changed my tax deductions from married to single and almost died when I saw my paycheck was a couple of hundred less. I was just starting to learn to live within my budget and now have to adjust again.

One treat I am allowing myself…..a friend of mine, a rather talented makeup artist is starting to freelance again. I had enjoyed her to my party and she offered me a deal on some period makeup. It’s a jazz age theme and my outfit is a modern take on the 20’s but I’m going to do finger waves in the front and a super modern chinon in the back of my hair and then the makeup will be dead on.

Luckily I already put aside the cash to cover the 3 birthdays coming up, so even my little bad news won’t affect much this coming month.

But…..sorry Sir, looks like it’s back to the cheap cheese for your best friend and the blonde.

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