I have different drops, but I think the worst is the drop I have right now.

Impact play I get a little drop. Play with Sir, almost none, the drop comes when he leaves.

The problem is when I play and there’s sex, even if it’s just toys. The ne t day I get so damn emotional. That and im so horney, the kind of turned on where just having a bra on makes my nipple hArd.

I want to sleep and cry and …. I want to be used again, but then I start thinking, what’s wrong with me?

I guess the good girl guilt is not all the way gone, I also start thinking, why don’t I feel worse about what i did, I mean I feel I should feel worse. I sit here looking prim and proper, meanwhile I did all that crap last night? 

It’s wearing the mask that kills me. I want to crawl into bed. I’m also horribly distracted by flashes of yesterday. 

Then I get very guilty and shameful, that I keep thinking how much I’d like to leave work and go home to a wonderful kind, and yes naked woman and spend the rest of the day cuddling and cuming.

I wish I was on Sir lap, getting good pets and hearing that I’m a good girl because I really don’t feel like one.

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